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Social Media and Your Practice

Social Media and Your Practice

Social media is a great way for veterinary practices to engage with their clients. It's also an effective way for them to promote themselves, build brand awareness, and increase referrals. But it can be overwhelming to keep up with so many different platforms on top of posting content. Here are some tips on how your practice can use social media effectively.


Post from your Day

Who doesn't love seeing a cute dog or cat fill up their Instagram timeline? Sharing behind-the-scenes photos of your day can be a great option when it comes to easy content. Posting photos of pets in for routine checkups in the exam room, weigh-ins in the front of the office, or just a cute pet parent holding their pet can make a great post. Always remember to ask your clients first before taking any photos that are to be shared outside your office. Some practices even have this build into their consent intake documents.


Resharing is Your Best Friend

Even the most seasoned marketing team can sometimes have trouble creating unique content every week of the year; that is where resharing comes in! Resharing is a great way to engage with your followers by sharing their photos or post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This shows that your practice cares about their community both in and out of the office but it can make for great content.


Use a Social Media Planner/Scheduler

Taking advantage of free marketing tools from HubSpot and Metigy can be a great way to automate the time-consuming part of marketing management. Both platforms offer free tools that allow your practice to schedule posts in advance (can be very helpful during holidays or planned days off) and adding content to your queue that is helpful to see all your post ready to schedule or edit. You can even take your game to the next level with paid platforms like Buffer or Sprout that use AI to better understand your audience with advanced scheduling options, optimal post times, content suggestions and much more.


Get Creative with Design Templates

Social media is built on showing off your design skill and you don't have to be a graphic designer to start! Easy tools like Canva and Stencil are great simple and easy-to-use platforms that offer both free and paid plans to help your practice get creative. Both platforms offer pre-made templates that look great but more importantly are easy to edit with both offering a simple drag-and-drop design view. You can also easily add upload photos, colors, fonts and logos to jump-start the designing process.


While it is important to develop a social media strategy, the key to success is in actually posting relevant content. It doesn't matter if you are new to the game or have been operating for years, everyone can benefit from following these tips. We hope you found these tips helpful!

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