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Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Benefits of Walking Your Dog

National Walk Your Dog Week is the perfect opportunity to get outside and get moving with your pooch. Below are a few reasons why daily walks are beneficial for your dog:

  • Weight control: Daily walks with your dog help them maintain a healthy weight, combined with a balanced diet.
  • Provides an outlet for your dog’s energy: Regular walks are a great way for your dog to release extra energy and help lessen destructive behavior such as chewing or scratching. It also provides a large amount of mental stimulation since they get to explore new surroundings during walks.
  • Improves social interactions: Strolling around your neighborhood can help your dog build confidence and trust since they are exposed to other animals and humans. This can increase their ability to adapt to new or intimidating situations.
  • Helps strengthen your relationship: Daily walks are a great way to spend quality time with your dog and helps build a trusting relationship.
  • Getting outdoors with your dog is beneficial for you too: Regular walks are a great way for you to stay active and improve your overall well-being.

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