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Don't Fall for Fleas and Ticks this Season

Don't Fall for Fleas and Ticks this Season

Fall is on the horizon and is a popular time for flea and tick exposure. In addition to talking to your veterinarian about the best preventive flea and tick medications, being aware of the environments where fleas and ticks thrive can help keep your pets safe and minimize their exposure to these parasites.

  • Fallen leaf piles and debris can be a great hiding place for ticks and fleas. After raking your leaves, make sure to remove them from your yard quickly.

  • Regularly mow your lawn and clear away long grasses or brush around your house as ticks like to climb up tall grasses where they can easily attach themselves as hosts pass by.

  • Use gravel or wood chips to separate your lawn from surrounding wooded areas to limit tick migration.
  • If your pet has a water bowl outside, make sure to bring it in at nighttime so as not to attract small animals that can carry ticks in the yard.

Finally, make sure to regularly check your pets for fleas and ticks after they’ve been outside. Pay extra attention around their head, ears and feet.

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