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National Immunization Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month
We at Tartar Shield know how important your pet's health is and that is why we have developed some of the best dental pet products on the market. August is a time to celebrate our furry friends and the importance of their immunizations that keep them happy and healthy. Knowing your pet's immunization requirements and schedule is one of the easiest ways to give your pet a long life. Talk with your Vet When it comes to our pet's health, the first step is to always have a conversation with your vet about which treatment plan is best for your pet because not all plans are one size fits all. Most immunizations are simple and easy and are normally done during your pet's yearly checkup and can consist of both Core and Non-Core vaccines. What are Immunizations? Immunizations are vaccines that help your pet's body fight off diseases from many different organisms. Most vaccines are made with antigens which when inside your pet will cause their immune system to produce antibodies to fight against it. This will leave your pet's immune system ready to fight off the corresponding illness. Core Vaccines Core Vaccines are immunizations that are given to all pets and the amount is based on your pet's specific risk of exposure. Non-Core vaccines Non-Core vaccines are immunizations that are part of a treatment plan that is optional. These vaccines are given based on the lifestyle and/or geographic location of your pet.  
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