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National Walk Your Pet Month

National Walk Your Pet Month

January is National Walk Your Dog Month and is the perfect opportunity to make a New Year’s resolution to make daily walks part of your routine. The benefits of walking your dog extend far beyond simple exercise. Here are some of the reasons why walking your dog is beneficial:

  • Helps keep your dog active, which is important to their overall physical well-being and helps prolong their life.
  • Provides mental stimulation as dogs use their senses to explore new surroundings. This type of experience has been proven to boost a dog’s serotonin production and stimulate positive feelings.

  • Allows quality bonding time and an opportunity for training. It helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog and will help to establish you as the pack leader.
  • Offers socialization opportunities as with walking you will likely encounter other people, children and other dogs.
  • Fulfills your dog’s natural desire to roam. Dogs that are taken on frequent walks are less likely to run away. They also form important bonds with their owners, as they would with members of a pack.
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