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Reduce Your Cat's Stress at the Vet

Reduce Your Cat's Stress at the Vet

Take Your Cat to the Vet Day is August 22nd. Many cat owners delay visits to the veterinarian because of the stress and anxiety it causes their feline friend. However, there are some things you can to do help your cat’s next vet visit be less stressful.

  • Acclimate your cat to their carrier by setting it in a place where your pet can explore it. Put one of their favorite toys or a treat in the carrier to offer incentive. Once they’ve become comfortable, practice taking them for short car rides in the carrier and praise and/or reward your cat with a treat after these rides.
  • Check with your vet office prior to your appointment to discuss their options for accommodating nervous cats, especially in a busy lobby. For example, some offices may have a separate waiting room or can offer a quiet room for anxious cats.

  • On the day of your vet visit, limit the amount of food you feed your cat to help prevent nausea and motion sickness in the car. Also, if your cat is slightly hungry, they will likely be more willing to accept treats at the vet’s office.
  • Cats can sense when we are nervous or stressed, so remembering to remain relaxed and composed on the day of your cat’s vet visit will also help your cat remain calm.

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