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Summer Pet Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Summer Pet Safety Do’s and Don’ts

Summertime offers many opportunities for fun in the sun, but it can also present certain dangers to our pets. Here are some important summer safety tips for you to follow and tips on what to avoid to help keep your furry family members safe this season.


Keep an eye on your pet to make sure they aren’t in the sun for prolonged periods of time.

Make sure shade and water are readily available for your pet to prevent dehydration.

Brush your pet more frequently, to prevent summer skin problems.

Apply pet-safe sunscreen especially to short-haired dogs, or pets with light colored fur.


Leave your pets alone in a parked car.

Exercise with your pet during the midday heat where pets can get heatstroke or burn their paw pads.

Leave your pet unattended near a pool or lake.

Forget to check your pets for fleas and ticks and talk to your veterinarian about parasite protection.

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