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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Take Your Dog to Work Day

June 26th is National Take Your Dog to Work Day. If your office is participating, here are some suggestions to make sure it is an enjoyable day for you, your dog and your co-workers.

  • Pup-proof your work space – To prepare a safe office environment for your dog, keep items out of paw’s reach. Hide electrical cords and wires, secure the trash and any toxic items, and remove poisonous plants.

  • Pack a doggie bag – Bring a leash, food and water dishes, food, dog treats, toys and a spot cleaner (just in case).

  • Make a good first impression – Make sure your dog has been bathed and groomed before accompanying you to the office.

  • Schedule breaks – Take your dog on a long walk before heading into the office to help them release some extra energy. Schedule extra breaks in your day to take your dog outside to help prevent accidents.

  • Create a back-up plan – In the event things do not go as planned, establish a back-up plan to be able to take your dog home. If you are unable to leave your office, coordinate with someone who is available to pick up your pup.

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