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Valentine's Day Pet Safety

Valentine's Day Pet Safety

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and everyone loves their pets! Some Valentine’s Day traditions can be enjoyable for humans, but dangerous to pets. Share the love and keep pets safe from potential Valentine’s Day safety hazards such as:

Chocolate – It is well known that chocolate can cause serious health issues or even be life threatening if ingested by pets. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and an abnormally high heart rate.

Flowers – It is very common to receive flowers as a gift on Valentine’s Day, but knowing which flowers are toxic to pets can help make sure they stay safe and happy. Lilies are especially toxic to cats, and if ingested they can suffer from lethargy, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Xylitol – Make sure to keep dogs away from sweets containing xylitol. This is a sweetener found in gum and other candies, which can cause your dog to lose coordination and suffer from seizures.

Candles – A romantic dinner can become a fire hazard if candles are left unattended around pets. Make sure to put out the flame when you leave a room to avoid your furry friends burning themselves, or causing a fire.

Decorations – Be sure to gather all tape, ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, and balloons after opening gifts in order to keep it away from curious pets. If swallowed, these items can get stuck in your pet’s throat or digestive track and cause choking or vomiting.

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