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Create a Dog-Friendly Yard

Create a Dog-Friendly Yard

Spring has sprung and so has yard work! To create a yard that is dog-friendly, consider these suggestions so you and your pup can safely enjoy your outdoor space together.

  • Make sure your fence is safe and secure and make any necessary repairs to prevent your pooch from potentially escaping.
  • Create a shady area in your yard where your dog can hide from the sun. Consider using a patio umbrella, tarp or purchase a doghouse.  
  • Select pet-safe flowers and plants to prevent accidental poisoning. The ASPCA has a compilation of plants that can be hazardous to pets.
  • Be cautious with pesticides, fertilizers, and mulch. Keep dogs off lawns that have recently been treated with insecticides, pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Store all lawn and equipment chemicals in a secure location out of your dog’s reach.
  • Prevent flea and tick hiding spots by keeping your lawn and bushes trimmed and clear away any debris from your deck and shed.


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