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Deaf Dog Awareness Week

Deaf Dog Awareness Week

September 23rd-29th is Deaf Dog Awareness Week. Raising a deaf pet can be challenging, but also very rewarding. An important component of caring for a deaf dog is learning specific communication and training techniques. These methods can help owners who are caring for a deaf dog.

  • Use hand signals to train your dog such as sit, stay, come, look, and no. Also, establish a signal for your dog’s name.

  • Deaf dogs can be startled easily because they cannot hear you approach. Stomp your foot on the ground so they can feel the vibration and be alerted that you are near them or gently pet your dog to alert them of your entrance or exit.
  • Add a bell to your dog’s collar so it’s easier to locate them.
  • Make sure your deaf dog is on a leash or in a fenced yard at all times, since they cannot hear cars or other hazards.

  • Attach an alert that your dog is deaf to their collar.
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