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Going Green in Spring

Going Green in Spring

This spring, we encourage you to channel the budding spring inspiration into bettering the earth around you. You can reuse grocery bags, start a compost, or even make your own cleaners, but what can your pets do? With your help, small changes in your pet’s everyday life can help sustain the planet. Here is a short list of small activities with big impact:

  • Outreach: Clean up your local dog park

  • Buy Bigger: No matter what food/treats you use, purchase the largest container to reduce packaging

  • Recycle: Take old toys, bowls, and blankets to your nearby shelter or rescue center

  • Reduce Waste: Switching to biodegradable waste bags will lessen the amount of plastic bags in landfills

  • Spay/Neuter: Help to reduce the pet overpopulation by getting your pets spayed or neutered

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