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Healthy and Happy Pets on Labor Day Weekend

Healthy and Happy Pets on Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner, which means it is almost time to start the activities that bring us a weekend full of community and fun as we celebrate all our hard work over the past year together! Many people gather to celebrate this holiday with cookouts, games, drinks and much more! It is always important to remember all the members of the family during our celebrations and yes, we are talking about our pets! Here are some quick tips to make sure our pets are happy and healthy during this Labor Day Weekend. Protecting the Grill Arguably, one of the best smells is that of a sizzling grill full of mouth-watering burgers, BBQ or whatever you love cooking. It is always important to keep our furry friends away from our grills and other tools that could be of danger. This includes matches and lighter fluid that can cause serious damage to your pet’s digestive system along with irritation to their skin, and central nervous system. Remember to check around your grill for drippings including meat and oils along with charcoal spills as these are not poisonous but can cause your pets harm when left untreated. Sun and Heat Safety Fall may be right around the corner, but it can still be hot and humid during this time of year. Both dogs and cats are prone to heat strokes when left in hot environments without proper protection. It is important to always provide your pets with access to shade and fresh cool water at all times. Never leave your dog or cat unattended in a hot environment for an extended time as heat stroke can happen in less than an hour or even in minutes in some cases. Who is watching the Chemicals During this time of year, it is normal to be ready to protect ourselves from the sun and/or bugs as we celebrate outside. Sunscreen and bug spray can be harmful to your pet when not only ingested but also having contact with their coats. Both can be toxic to your pet and result in severe digestive and skin problems.  Bug spray that contains the chemical DEET can lead to neurological problems. It is always advised to use caution when applying any chemical spray around your pet. We hope this information help keeps your pet safe and happy during your Labor Day celebrations this year! Additionally, if you plan to have fireworks at this year’s celebration, check out our Fireworks and Your Furry Friends Post.  
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