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What is Pet Insurance Month

What is Pet Insurance Month
National Pet Health Insurance Month is celebrated every September by veterinarians and shelters across the USA and Canada each year. This month-long celebration is all about our furry friends and how pet insurance can possibly be the right choice when it comes to protecting your pet. We have all seen the ads on the internet or even tv, but what is pet health insurance and can it really be a good option for me and my pet? So what is Pet Health Insurance? Pet insurance is a simpler version of what our human health insurance is, but for our pets. Some companies now even offer plans as part of their compensation offerings but most are purchased on an individual basis for a monthly premium based on your pet's health and background (breed, age, pre-existing condition, location, etc.). These plans normally cover only major events for your pet including diagnostic, outpatient procedures, and medication for unexpected accidents and illnesses. Some plans allow you to opt-in to preventative packages that would also include routine wellness exams, blood work, fecal testing and yearly shots. Plan Details Like most insurance policies, there are terms and rules on your deductible, reimbursement process/rate and the max pay allowed. Most pet health insurance policies have a wide range of deductibles that you can choose from that can be anywhere from $100 to over $1000. Based on your chosen plan and deductibles, your premium will reflect the level of responsibility you have chosen. It is important to plan and review your personal finances, pet's past health and potential future problems when choosing your plan options and rates. Our pets are part of our family and we would do almost anything to keep them happy and healthy. Pet health insurance may be the right choice for your furry friend as you start to plan for their future. Disclaimer: This article and all information are intended for informational purposes only. All statements, expressions and information are not meant to be solicitations or recommendations to buy or sell insurance.  
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